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Gardening 101

Gardening! It is one of my passions! And while I have been doing it almost all of my adult life, I knew very little about it when I began. I simply started with the desire to have a few pretty plants inside my home and on my patio. Needless to say, I failed at many (read: they died) and yet I kept at it and some occasionally thrived. Perhaps this sounds like you.

With our gorgeous spring weather upon us, and with the present recommendations to “stay home”, gardening is a great pastime, not to mention the connectedness to our Lord and His creation. So here are a few things I can share from my love of playing in the dirt:

· First rule: all plants will thrive if they are put in the right place. In the gardening world, this is referred to as right plant, right place”. Most plants in garden centers have labels that describe every requirement the particular specimen needs. For instance, a sunflower must have a full day of sun – it will never make it part time shade!

· Second rule: all plants need to be cared for with the proper water and food. They are much like our pets (or our “littles”) – they can’t take care of themselves. And again, each plant has its own set of requirements for watering and nutrients.

So where to start? The answer is: small (and easy). Spring annuals & perennials are plentiful right now – grab a pot of any size and plant some for your front porch or put them in a hanging basket. Don’t have a pot? Use anything you have that can be repurposed – just be sure to give it some drainage holes. There are also oodles of herbs available that can be used for cooking or attracting butterflies (a topic for a different day). They, too, do great when potted singularly or with others that have the same growing requirements. Tomatoes, peppers and salad greens are a few of the veggies that do fantastic when grown in containers. And lastly, there are my favorites: the “pass-a-long plants” - cuttings or sprouts that come from the garden of a friend or a neighbor. Not only are these free, but they come with first-hand instructions.

Always happy to chat further about gardening… blessings to all, Leslie -

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