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Holy Week In Quaratine

Have you ever gone through a Holy Week like this one? I would be shocked if anyone answered, “yes.” While the world has dealt with pandemics and crises over the centuries, we have not had anything quite like this in our lifetimes. For us, it is uncharted territory, at most, a place we have only imagined before.

It is particularly poignant that we are facing these issues of life and death, fear and hope as we enter into Holy Week. While any of us would gladly change this worldwide situation in a heartbeat if we could, since you cannot, do not miss the unique opportunities this time can afford. Do not fail to watch for the redemptive hand of God in the midst of this tragedy.

One way to do that is to dig deeper into the story of Holy Week. During this time, the week in which we remember Jesus’s suffering, death, and resurrection, do not miss the opportunity to enter more fully into and to reflect more deeply on those events that form the foundation of our faith. Read back through the story of those events (Matt. 26-27, Mark 14-15, Luke 22-23, and John 13-19), but save the Resurrection for Easter. As you read, do this:

  • · Pray before you read. Ask God to speak to you through his Word.

  • · As you read, if anything jumps out at you, meditate on it and ask God what he may be saying to you.

  • · After you read, imagine yourself in the story. Who would you be? What would it be like there? What would you hear, smell, taste, see, and feel? What emotions would you feel? Why? Where do you feel that right now?

  • · Read the story a second time. Ask Jesus to enrich your understanding of his Passion in light of the circumstances you find yourself in now.

  • · Then write down what God said to you during that time or what you realized. Meditate on it and share it with a friend.

Before we rejoice in the glory of the resurrection, we need to stay with Jesus during this grievous, even unbearable, moment by meditating on His suffering and faithfulness.

By: Rev. Caroline Osborne

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