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Meet the Musicians Part One!

Over the next few weeks, we will introduce you to the members of our music team at Grace. This week, meet our instrumentalists!

Sharon Mai

Sharon studied flute, piano, organ and theater at CFCC, then at the University of Florida. While living in Gainesville she served as director of music for Covenant Presbyterian Church. After moving back to Ocala in 1987, she became organist at Grace. Being a part of this music ministry has allowed her to keep an active musical life while running a challenging business during the day. Sharon especially treasures the memories of various past musical events such as madrigal dinners, favorite musical pieces, and the talented musicians that have all played such an integral part in the worship at Grace over the years.

Audrey Flechas

Audrey received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Violin Performance from the University of Florida with honors. She studied with famous violinists including Cheng Tu Su of Taiwan, Mark Baranov of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Dr. Janna Lower at the University of Florida. In addition to the violin, she also plays and teaches viola and cello.

Audrey teaches private lessons at First Baptist School of Music. Besides playing at Grace on Sunday mornings, she often plays at Queen of Peace and Blessed Trinity Catholic Church. She is a volunteer at the Lowell Correctional Institution, a women’s prison in Marion County. She enjoys playing with the many talented musicians at Grace, and she especially appreciates the countless hours people of Grace put in behind the scenes to make each service flow smoothly and beautifully. She considers herself very blessed to be part of the Body of Christ, chosen by the Lord to serve Him and one another in a very authentic and harmonious way.

Cheryl Arnold

Cheryl took a year or two of organ lessons as a child but had to stop when her small spinet organ could not accommodate advancing repertoire. She joined the handbell choir in college, and since then she has played handbells in three different churches, including Grace. Her daughters were highly involved in music lessons and ensembles from a young age, and after moving to Ocala and beginning life as an empty nester, Cheryl decided it was her turn to take music lessons. When she began attending Grace, she was delighted to discover that Grace had a School of the Arts. She took mandolin lessons for a year with Josh Head and Audrey Flechas, focusing on medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music. She then acquired a cello and has taken cello lessons with Audrey for three years. She joined the music team last year. She says, "It is a joy to worship and praise God with my cello! All of the musicians on the worship team have been incredibly kind and encouraging to me as an adult learner and have helped me grow in my skills."

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