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Member Spotlight: Susan McCann!

1. What is your ‘go to’ bible verse to get you through the day? Why is it special to you? My 'go to' bible verse to get through the day is Philippians 4: 6-7. It is special to me because I am naturally an anxious person, and it helps me through prayer and supplication to ease my mind and heart.

2. Summer delivers long hot days, hurricane season and hopefully a vacation (or two)! Share with us what your summer plans are, from vacation to what’s on your summer reading list, home project or a hobby. My hobbies are making jigsaw puzzles, playing the piano, and practicing yoga.

3. What is it that Grace Church has, (like a secret sauce) that engaged you, and keeps you engaged, week after week? Grace Church has engaged me with its Episcopalian familiarity. And I enjoy the music.

4. Each of us have gifts and talents. Please share one or more of your gifts and or talents and how you could use them to help others at Grace and/or in our community. I am a newly retired nurse. My talents have always been caring for others in need. I would like to create a group with other nurses in the parish to assist with identified nursing issues of Grace Church parishioners and the community.

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