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Yes, you read that right. We have termites on and in our church property. Not just in the school buildings that are being used by Ambleside, but also in our church. In fact, our soundboard is permanently damaged because of it. That is why we were not able to livestream last Sunday’s service. Our team dealt with this situation quickly, and here is what we’d like you to know:

1. Our church, the Parish House, and the school buildings will all be tented on Tuesday, July 5th. The process of fumigation will start immediately after, which should take care of our termite problem. We will not be able to have our regular Wednesday noon service on the 6th, but our Sunday service on the 10th will take place – termite free!

2. A new soundboard has been ordered but it will take up to three months to arrive.

3. We have a soundboard “on loan” for the next few weeks. Until July 5th, this board needs to be taken in and out of the church so that it will stay intact. As always, Catie will do everything she can to provide the best possible online experience. We expect that all will go well, but apologize in advance if this temporary solution causes additional issues.

I’d like to emphasize how pleased I am with the swift collaboration to deal with this issue. Between parishioners, vestry members, staff team, and our sound expert Skip, this problem is being dealt with in the best possible way.

If you happen to have questions, feel free to contact me.

Fr. Frans

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