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Voice of the Martyrs: Free Movie

By Cheryl Arnold

You may have read about Voice of the Martyrs in Grace To You at the beginning of January. Voice of the Martyrs is a nonprofit, interdenominational missions organization founded by Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand to serve persecuted Christians around the world. Last year the organization made a movie about Sabina’s life, and it was shown as a Fathom Event in theaters in November following the International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians. The movie, Sabina: Tortured for Christ, the Nazi Year, won awards for Best Feature, Audience Choice, and Best Original Film Score at the Christian Worldview Filmmakers Guild and Festival.

Voice of the Martyrs is now making Sabina, which is rated PG-13, available to stream for free on demand March 4-6. About the movie, they say, “Great character is sometimes forged amid great turmoil. Sabina is the story of how God’s love transformed an ambitious, atheistic hedonist into one of the greatest Christian women of the 20th century. The film opens with Sabina Wurmbrand risking her life to show Christ’s love to a trio of Nazi soldiers. Why? Why would a Jewish Christian risk her life to help her enemies—members of the army that killed her entire family? Experience the amazing true story that has redefined the concepts of love and forgiveness for millions around the world.”

Todd Nettleton, chief of media relations for Voice of the Martyrs says he hopes the movie not only sheds light on Sabina and Richard’s past ministry but on current persecution around the world. “Religious persecution is real and is still happening today,” he says. “There are modern-day Richard and Sabina Wurmbrands right now living out their own stories of faith, suffering, and forgiveness. As Christians, we must not allow fear to stop us from boldly proclaiming the gospel and extending Christ’s grace and love to all.”

A trailer for the movie is available on YouTube:

To register for a link to watch the movie at home:

Special Lenten Movie Showing at Grace:

Friday, March 25 at 6:00pm, Potluck Dinner for the adults

Special Kids Movie Night in the Wonder Room

6:00pm Pizza will be provided

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