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What Do You Have To Give Thanks For?

What has happened this week that’s made you smile? What’s happened that’s caused you roll your eyes? What’s happened that made you want to stop reading or tune off the TV or just go get in bed and pull the covers over your head? If it’s a normal week, I suspect you’ve had each of these emotions and just about everything in between. And that’s life. Everyday, filled with the good and the hard and the mundane. And, in the midst of all of it, I think we have an opportunity. A place God has invited us. A place he wants to meet us and share with us. A place were we can give thanks and praise for his presence, our relationship with him and our connectedness to his glory. This past Sunday I asked the question “What do you HAVE TO give thanks for” by looking at King David as he danced with all his might before the Lord. (2nd Samuel 6) By asking the question, I want us to consider the things that have happened or are happening in their lives that we must give thanks to God for. As I consider this question for myself, I found many answers:

  • My health

  • My family

  • My life in Christ

  • My Church family

  • The staff team God had created at Grace

  • God’s creation we get to enjoy

  • A great grilled cheese sandwich

I think God’s truth is that there is so much to enjoy and give thanks for in this world. He has gifted us with more than we can even think about and it’s right and holy to pause and return thanks to him. He’s blessed us because he loves us. And the first blessing continues to be his forgiveness and our restoration in his Kingdom. So, what do you need to thank God for right now? Make a list and do it. And as you tell him, listen for him to remind you of how much he loves you. Listen for his good pleasure. Listen for his smile. God bless you! Fr. J+

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