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Grace Episcopal Church

Grace Episcopal Church has roots in Ocala, Florida, that extend back to six families worshiping together in 1849- only four years after Florida became a state. The church building was originally a few blocks away from the current location. In 1904, a skilled crew of five carpenters carefully disassembled the entire building, timber by timber, and used horse-drawn wagons to transport it to be reassembled on a new property on East Broadway, where it still stands today. 

However, Grace is more than an historic landmark. Our generations have lived and loved through the Civil War, two World Wars, the fight for Civil Rights, Vietnam-era strife, and the changing landscape of American Christianity. 

Today, the historic spire of Grace still looks out across downtown Ocala. It invites the community to experience the love of God that has sustained congregations for over a century and a half. The invitation is to cross an arched threshold that opens into the best of what church used to be, and the best that's yet to come. 

Grace is a Christ-centered community of faith in the Anglican tradition that:

  • believes in the Trinity-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;

  • believes the Bible is the Word of God and contains all things necessary for salvation;

  • believes that all Christians belong to one Church that was founded on the teachings of the Apostles and is the Body of Christ on earth;

  • uses the Nicene and Apostles' Creed of the Church as statements of our orthodox faith;

  • administers the Great Sacraments of the Gospels- Holy Baptism and the Holy Eucharist (Communion); and

  • recognizes the unbroken apostolic succession through the lineage of Bishops. 

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