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There are 20 openings for flower memorials between now and the end of the year. Please consider contributing to this special ministry by giving flowers in memory of loved ones, in celebration of special events or simply in thanksgiving for God’s blessings. Weekly arrangements are made by the Flower Guild at a cost of $50.

We have no control over events that arise during the year causing another donor to request your same date. If this happens, you will be contacted and
arrangements will be made to share the date or find an alternate date acceptable for both donors. We always appreciate donors willing to take any open date where flowers are needed.

This is a wonderful way to remember loved ones, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, or just give thanks and praise God.

No flowers are placed on the altar during Lent (February 22 – April 2), and only greens are used during Advent (December 3 – December 24)

Altar Flower Request

Thanks for being an Altar Flower Donor!

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