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Our Past Residents

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Rev. Caroline Osborne was the first resident here at Grace. She moved from Orlando to become a part of the Grace Church life in every way. Rev. Caroline became ordained to the Priesthood here at Grace along with her husband F. Robert Osborne. During her residency program, Caroline was able to learn every aspect of what it is like to be a rector. Since her time here at Grace she and her husband have moved to Tenessee and welcomed their first child. If you would like to learn more about Rev. Caroline's time here at Grace watch the video below!


Fr. Daniel Pinell is the second resident to come to Grace. He and his family moved all the way from Oakland, California to be apart of the residency program. Daniel and his growing family have been a wonderful addition to our church!  Daniel came to us in January of 2020 and was ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons and later to the Priesthood during his short time here at Grace. Daniel has found that the emphasis on preaching during his residency has been helpful to him to grow and to learn more about being a priest in the Episcopal Church. Fr. Daniel has recently accepted a call to North Carolina, and we wish him and his family all the best! 

Fr. Daniel's residency review starts at 26:50!


Fr. Frans van Santen is the third resident to come to Grace. Frans was originally from Amsterdam. Frans and his wife Erin were members of the Anglican Church in Amsterdam and started a discernment process for the priesthood with the Church of England. In the midst of this process, they decided to move their family to Florida and transfer to the Episcopal Church, where he applied for our residency program. Frans is passionate about the beautiful message of the gospel and desires for everyone to know and experience God’s love. Father Frans accepted a position here at Grace as Priest in Charge in December of 2023.

Fr. Frans residency review starts at 24:00!

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