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A Quick Guide to Streaming Our Services

By. Fr. Daniel Pinell

We are preparing many events and services for you during the season of Lent. Many of these services will be available in-person, but for those who don’t feel comfortable attending in-person services, we are streaming many of these services online.

Unfortunately, technology can often be bewildering and confusing, so I created this quick and easy guide to our streaming services to make sure you don’t miss any of them!

The fastest way to access our videos is to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. On this page you will find a red button that says “Subscribe”. Click on that and then click on the bell right next to it to get notifications when we go live!

If you are unable to find our live stream on YouTube you can always find the link to our services on both our Grace Facebook page and our People of Grace group page.

We hope this quick and easy guide will be useful to you as you join us in our Lenten journey!

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