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Better News!

By Rev. Caroline Osborne

Over the last few weeks, I have found the news cycle overwhelming. With constant coverage of (mostly) bad news about the Coronavirus pandemic, watching or reading the news has fed my fears and increased my overall disquiet. Even though I wanted to stay informed, eventually, I just had to cut back on how much news I took in.

But bad news is not the only news out there! If you, like me, have found yourself overwhelmed by all the depressing news out there right now, I would like to suggest some alternative news sources I have found that might make you feel better. Below is a short list of places sharing good news. Check them out for some cheering up!

  • Some Good News – John Krasinski started and runs this series of videos in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. In each video, which he makes from his home, he highlights stories of good things happening. The videos are cheerful, funny, and family friendly.

  • Global Positive News – If you are on Instagram, consider following Global Positive News, an account that highlights positive news from around the world. This account has been around for some time, so if you need a big dose of cheerfulness, you can always scroll back to see older posts.

  • Humans of New York – HONY (for short) is the work of Brandon Stanton, a New York City-based photographer. For ten years he has been photographing strangers and sharing little bits of what they told him – snippets of conversation, reflections on their situation, or pieces of their life story. The stories are not always positive – he just publishes what people share – but they are wonderfully human and honest. Over the years, he has shared some incredible stories. Find his work through his website, Facebook, Instagram, and books.

Do you have any places you go to find good news? Share them on our Facebook group – People of Grace Episcopal Church, Ocala, FL!

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1 Comment

Michael Ashley
Michael Ashley
Apr 16, 2020

Thanks for sharing this history with us. Grace continues to lead the faithful.

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