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Clean Church Crew

The Clean Church Crew will be a team of volunteers who will complete preventative cleaning after each church service. Each member will be provided with a disposable mask and gloves each time they serve. The team, as a whole, will be asked to wipe down the following areas with Clorox or Lysol wipes (provided):

· Pew backs in open pews

· Pew back tops in closed pews

· Pew sides

· Door handles – interior and exterior doors of the church, Parish House doors, bathroom door handles

· Handrails leading into the church, both sides

· Lectern

· Fold-down shelf with bulletins

· Altar rail

· Poles from pew level to 6ft

· Chairs in the overflow space (Parish House)

These areas will be divided up according to the number of people on the team. With just a small number of people, it should easily take no more than 10 minutes!

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