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How To Be Selfless in Self-Isolation

Whether we find “stay at home” a pleasure or one of the harder things we’ve been asked to do, spending so much time at home can make us focus on ourselves and our own needs, our fears and our uncertainties. In God’s wisdom He has directed us to look outside ourselves to our neighbors and our community. We see this wisdom reflected in the world. Caring for and connecting with one another has been linked to our physical and mental health in scientific, popular and commercial publications.

Jesus said to us, “Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:34b-35) But how do we show our love one another when we can’t go out into the world. We have to step away from our own anxieties and do things we might have never considered doing. We have an unprecedented ability to stay connected; use it. Make phone calls, use social media, write a note.

Here are some ways to connect:

  • Connect with your neighbors. When you're out for a walk, leave a note on your neighbors' doors letting them know you're thinking about them and offering them the help you are able to give. (See the photo below on cute little notes you can leave)

This may be especially important to a person who lives alone, a single mom trying to cope with restless kids, or a family stressed by financial worries. Be creative and use your talents whether to make face masks or to serenade the people on your street.

  • Connect with your community. All of our local businesses need our support, so shop local if you can. The non-profits serving the vulnerable and the poor depend on much of their financial support from individual donors. If you have the resources, share them. We may have to give up something we WANT so that others can have what they NEED. If you can't give financially, continue your support by sharing their social media posts or emails with others. Someone else might be able to help. Visit the websites of your favorite organizations. They are looking t the number of people who visit and it gives them encouragement and hope.

  • Connect with God. More than ever, spend more time with God. Read and study scripture, on your own or in one of our Bible Studies. If you have never prayed the offices before, join Grace, or any church, on-line. Be part of our livestream and Zoom services. Most of all, pray. Prayer strengthens our relationship with God. Prayer can give us peace or give us guidance. Most of all it gives us what we need - time with the Lord.

By Deacon Mary Delancey

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