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Manny Davila Becomes a Future Business Leader with Community Support and Encouragement

By: Manuel Davila

Editors Note: Manuel Alexander Davila is a young man in whom Grace Church has invested. Manny, whose parents are Mexican immigrants, has demonstrated promising entrepreneurial skills which Father Jonathan has been encouraging. In addition, Maurica taught him at Forest High School, so he’s had plenty of opportunity to be impacted by the Lord. Manny shares his recent successes with the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competitions.

FBLA is a keystone in my life and has been responsible for my development and success as a person. With my opportunistic flair, I was drawn to the club at Forest High School where Maurica French was one of my teachers, and was able to serve as president my senior year. Being in the club during high school enabled me to start a few businesses and actually become a “future leader in business” as I developed my entrepreneurial skills.

FBLA is a national organization with over 200,000 members and has over 400 competitive events. Competition includes taking objective tests to show competency in the areas of business structures and human resources and case studies involving marketing and finding investors. Even seemingly boring aspects such as taxes and insurance I found exciting because I am building my legacy towards greatness.

I had a lot of success in the competitions. Three years in a row I won first place in my district and my senior year I made it to national finals. I loved the feeling of going head to head with the best of the best. There is a thrill I get from studying great entrepreneurs and learning different business strategies.

I finally made it to the state finals my junior year and I felt as if I had put my best foot forward. It was the first time anyone from my district had made it to the state finals. I ended up placing fifth in the state. I was sorely disappointed. Instead of getting hung up on the defeat though, I decided to change my outlook and use the loss as a learning experience.

And all was not lost. My peers were rooting for me along with my sponsor Ms. Lapane. I was a nervous wreck and my club members got in a circle and prayed for me. It was truly special as not all of us were of the same religion but we were able to put aside our differences for God.

To be continued... Read the next part of Manny's story Friday, August 25th!

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