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Member Spotlight: Kristen Rose!

1-What is your ‘go to’ bible verse to get you through the day? Why is it special to you? My favorite and “go to” Bible verse are Jeremiah 29:11. My go to Bible verse to get me through the day: Isaiah 41:10. It has been for the last 10 years or so. It’s special because life often presents difficult situations. And during these trying times (or just daily life, with 3 children!) it offers me a sense of comfort, reassurance in general and with parenting. I’ve always found myself returning to this verse in particular; it very much resonates with me.

2-We are entering the season of celebrating faith, family, and friends. What family tradition(s) are you favorite and why? During the celebratory season, our family traditions include: My husband and I love to take our kiddos out for a drive around our neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. And much time is spent in the kitchen: hot chocolate, s’mores over the fireplace, and my daughter and I bake for our neighbors every year. We also take time and watch holiday movies together (the same ones every year!).

Christmas Eve has become a day of celebration since my husband, and I were married. His family always gathered and celebrated on that day. My upbringing always concentrated on Christmas Day. So, we’ve pretty much merged those two and enjoy twice the celebration! Since we’ve started attending Grace, we’ve been attending Christmas Eve service, always just beautiful!

3- What is it that Grace Church has, (like a secret sauce) that keeps you engaged, week after week? What keeps me engaged with our church week after week? Hands down it is Father Jonathan. I love belonging to a church with an enthusiastic rector who brings personality to his sermons, totally relatable and charismatic. Those are very important qualities for me. And I feel like I could talk about anything with him without any kind of judgement. Our church has a very special individual that leads it; I am truly appreciative and grateful for that. I also love Grace’s parishioners. Everyone I’ve ever met is, so kind and I seem to always witness a ‘taking care of each other’ attitude. Very comforting to say the least!

4- Advent Sunday was held on November 28 this year, tell us how your family and you prepare for the birth of our Savior in your home. The day after Thanksgiving, our family starts decorating for Christmas, and readying for Advent. A tradition we have during this time is to set up our nativity scene. But we leave out baby Jesus and the three wise men. As these weeks go by from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we tell the story of the arrival of Jesus to our kids by using our nativity scene. The wise men get closer as each week passes. On Christmas Eve or morning, baby Jesus arrives in the manger, which brings our preparations to an end.

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