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Member Spotlight: Lori Craig!

Updated: May 1, 2021

Mary Baggs interviewing Lori Craig our previous WPC liaison as we approach Mother's day and our Baby Bottle Fundraiser for the WPC!

As an active Grace church member, wife and busy mom of two active boys in sports, what lead you to become a volunteer at the Women’s Pregnancy Center (WPC) in Ocala?

I read in the church bulletin not once, but twice that the WPC was looking for a nurse. I had decided to stay home while the boys were younger, and since I had formerly worked as a women’s health RN, placing a call to learn more information was an answer to prayer.

With no prior knowledge of the Center, I agreed to meet with the client services director, only to find that their immediate need was for a volunteer advocate. As an advocate I would learn to listen, and support those who walk in, often in a broken situation. Upon completion of my training, I accepted my weekly 4 hour shift to help.

How did you make the transition from volunteer to staff member?

Now comfortable with the team, a new volunteer position opened up. I was asked to pickup another 4 hour shift as an RN. I was now truly in my comfort zone helping clients through the options available to them through the center. Before long, I was asked to join the 3 other RN’s on staff, with volunteers supporting us. With my prior skills as a volunteer advocate and nurse, I am now blessed to work 16-20 hours a week as an RN, while allowing me the time to keep up with our two teen sons busy academic and sports life.

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