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Open Arms Village Paper Collection

By Eleanor Simons

As Thanksgiving approaches we plan our menus, get out our best dishes, and count our blessings. We are grateful for all we have and we share with others. Last November we helped Open Arms because paper products were scarce. They are still eating on paper plates and so we will help them again.

Open Arms is a program for motivated men who want to change their lives. There are 20 beds for single men who have been referred by agencies like Interfaith, Brother’s Keeper and churches. The men work with a case manager to make their own written plan outlining what they need to do to end their homelessness and change their lives. They must demonstrate progress in accomplishing their goals to stay in the program. The men must volunteer a certain number of hours a week to help maintain Open Arms Village.

Open Arms is staffed by an Executive Director, Pam McBride, a full time case manager, a resident manager, and a part time counselor. There are volunteers who help with meals and teach Bible Study.

We will begin collecting these items on Sunday, Nov. 1st. The last day for donations will be Sunday, Nov. 21st so that we can deliver them in time for Thanksgiving.

Items Needed:

10 inch paper plates

paper bowls

Plastic knives, forks, and spoons

disposable coffee cups

paper napkins

paper towels

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