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Vision 2021 Focus Group Sign-Ups

Last week we had our Vision Townhall Meeting, where we presented our Vision guide to everyone. If you missed it the meeting was recorded you can watch here:

We are inviting everyone to join one of our focus groups to help come up with a plan of action in each of these areas:

  • Be well known in the Ocala community and to its leaders | Leader: John Dozier

  • Be proactive, not reactive, in identifying needs in the community and determining if and how Grace might meet those needs | Leader: Mary Baggs

  • Have a defined, consistent outreach to individuals and groups in the community | Leader: Drick Heitman

  • Engage in intergenerational ministry including to children and families | Leader: Sarah Hart

  • Engage in evangelism | Leader: Cheryl Arnold

  • Be visible and approachable | Leader: Michael Ashley

If you are interested in joining one of our focus groups please contact the church office at (352) 622-7881 or any of the focus group leaders!

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