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A Big Thank You from Malawi

Grace Church has graciously supported the Church in Malawi by donating $ 7,500.—earlier this year. Pastor Robert Yanduya, a seminary friend of Father Frans, has used this money well to bless God’s people. The timing of our support was unbelievable, since a hurricane hit Malawi only four weeks later, leaving a vast mark of destruction in the entire country. Here is what Pastor Robert has written to us:


On April 13th, before the hurricane: “Our Easter Outreach went so well. We visited a village with so many households and preached the gospel. We conducted door to door evangelism where we met people and shared Christ with them. We are so thankful as a church for the amazing support you guys gave us. Our church has been able to do what she hasn't been able to do for a long time. On 1st May, we are bringing together 50 leaders and their wives to a special seminar. We will continue sharing updates and pictures of these ministry events. Continue extending our gratitude to all the members of your church.”


On May 6th, after the hurricane: “Today we started our day by visiting the family of little Fatima. We presented gifts to the family so that they could use in supporting Fatima is malnourished. Fatima comes from a needy family of seven but they live at a place surrounded by houses of close to twenty two relatives. It became very clear that what we presented to Fatima would not only serve her but the entire extended family. This family was greatly affected by Cyclone Freddy and are still finding it hard to recover. We hope to continue monitoring Fatima's health so that we can serve her until he gets better. Continue praying for us as we seek resources to continue serving the needy and little Fatima and her sisters who are living under serious economic conditions. Extend our thanks to the leadership of Grace Episcopal Church for the financial support.”


These are just a few things out of the many positive reports that we have received from Malawi. US Dollars go a long way in African countries, and Robert has used every penny of it for the glory of God.


Fr. Frans

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