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A Brunch and Bubbly to Celebrate Catie Hourigan

By Erin van Santen

There was a lot of laughter and a little bit of bubbly in Heather Hetzel’s kitchen a couple of weeks ago. A small group of us gathered to brunch and sip mimosas, with the goal to connect with and usher in Catie Hourigan as Grace’s new director of children’s ministry. Most of us were wearing name tags even though we knew each other. We played a name tag game to see how many of Catie Hourigan’s favorite things were our favorite things. A fan of all things Disney? Check. Cats over dogs? Never. Is your favorite holiday Easter? Well if it is, you have something else in common with Catie. I have the list if anyone else wants to take the quiz.

Mary Baggs brought a stunning platter filled with fresh veggies, Anissa Cunjie brought a beautiful cake, Catie made scones, Stephanie Harrell brought a breakfast casserole none of us got enough of, and the list goes on. But aside from the dishes and communal hospitality shown, what each woman brought to the brunch was themselves. Their presence signaled one of the things I love most about Grace (besides the Hot Dutch Priest that is my husband, of course): its supportive community. As we begin 2023 and begin with this new change, we move forward together. As has been my own experience at Grace, the secret weapon to the success of the children’s ministry is the community that shows up, brings their best dishes to a Saturday brunch, their authentic selves on Sunday mornings, a love for Jesus, and a love for our kids. It fills my heart with joy to know that Catie will get the same cheer section as I did.

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