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A New Ocala

I saw Ocala, a holy city, coming down out of heaven from God,

shining like a rare jewel, sparkling like clear water in the eye of the sun;

and all the sickness was gone from the city,

the train tracks no longer divided the underprivileged from the privileged;

I saw Silver Springs, full with the water of life,

as bright as crystal, as clear as glass,

and children from all over were swimming in them.

I saw people wanting to buy property at NE 3rd Street,

because there was no longer a cemetery.

And the Spirit showed me the tree of life,

growing in the center of downtown.

I looked out and there were no more homeless people,

no more women working the streets,

no more needles in the alleys,

AIDS and cancer and pandemics were things of the past.

There were no more racist attacks,

no more rapists, no more shootings,

no more gang graffiti, no more protests for repentance,

because there was no more hate.

And I saw women walking safe at night,

saw that men were full of passion and gentleness,

no children were ever abused,

because people's cravings were full of justice and joy.

I saw an old woman throw back her head

and laugh like a young girl.

And when the sky closed back, her laughter rang in my head

for days and days,

and would not go away.

This is what I saw, looking over Ocala.

And I knew then that there would be a day of resurrection.

And I believe

that there will be a day of resurrection.

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