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Advent Chrismons

By Carolyn Ayres

Chrismons are ancient symbols of Christ. They have been used by Christ’s followers since Biblical times and are the heritage of all Christians. The word chrismon in a combination of the words Christ and monogram.

The placing of a chrismon tree in churches began in 1957 at Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia. Unlike the secular Christmas tree adorned with glass balls and tinsel the chrismon tree reflects the reverence and the true meaning of Christmas by paying tribute to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The evergreen tree has long symbolized eternal life so it forms a fitting backdrop for the display of chrismons. The tree may be adorned with small white lights and is topped with a crown worthy of the King of Kings. Chrismons are hand made in white and gold, the liturgical colors of Advent and Christmastide. White represents the purity and perfection of Christ while gold symbolizes His majesty and glory.

Our chrismon tree here at Grace first appeared at the beginning of Advent in 2019. Our chrismons are made of wood and were cut out by Alex and Marcella Pasay. The ladies of ECW hand painted and decorated them with pearls and gold beads. To date we have 36 different chrismons to adorn our tree. Each one has a special meaning.

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