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Alpha Testimony

By Brett Hourigan

Let me start with the truth, I did not want to do Alpha in the beginning. Fr. Frans was the biggest reason I agreed to go. On our first night I went in thinking I would go to the first meeting and I wouldn't come back. And then I left and thought wow Frans is really over his head and I don't think he can answer all of our groups questions, so I went back the following week just to see if he had any answers for us. But as time went on I kept going back. It wasn't until the Alpha Saturday when we were over in the Church that I realized that I might want to fully commit to being a Christian. Although I was still very hesitant, so I went home afterwards still processing everything.

The next Alpha meeting, I decided to commit myself to God and asked Fr. Frans to pray with me, and invite the Holy Spirit into my life. Shortly after I realized that my mind which was racing with random thoughts had all of sudden stopped and my mind was extremely calm. I also had this weird but almost soothing feeling in my face that I couldn't really explain because nothing like that had ever happened before. One of the things that kind of held me back from ever fully committing myself to God, was the fact that I always thought that I needed to see or feel something, like a sign from God for me to actually commit. Now unexpectedly I see all these things were happening already in my life and I was just filled with joy and happiness.

If you have any questions or are feeling any of the things I have felt my whole life Alpha is the place to ask those questions. You can register to join our upcoming Alpha course at

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