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Altar Guild

By Pae Barberie

If you arrive early for a service, or stay late, you may catch site of one or more people setting or clearing the area around the altar. We hope you don’t notice us, because our contribution to the worship service is to “set the stage” for the clergy and remain behind the scene. YouTube has of course contributed to that imagery.

As we move forward from the pandemic restrictions, we’re hoping others who attend regularly will feel called to serve with us: men, women, couples and mature children .... what better way to become part of the Grace family than to help your brothers and sisters with the Sacred Supper!

You’ll see our names on the back of the weekly bulletin as two “teams” for the purpose of responsibility, but we try to assist each other, especially after the service. Often, we work in pairs, but some find the quiet of the vacant church an opportunity for prayer and reflection as we do small chores during the week.

We celebrate many “seasons” in our worship, and each is marked with a change in the colors and hangings: that’s an Altar Guild responsibility, enhanced by the amazing work of the Flower Guild, on which two of our members also serve.

There are special names for all of the items we use, too, but there are no tests required to handle them ... just willing hands and a sense of being “called” to serve. On the job training provided!

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