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Confirmation 2024

We are excited to offer Confirmation to you this fall. Confirmation is a sacramental moment in which the candidate (confirmand) stands before God and the church to affirm their faith in and commitment to Christ, and to receive strength in their walk with God. Promises made at baptism are renewed. It is an opportunity for the church to come together to support individual members who are growing in their faith.

There are three tracks from which to choose. Confirmation is for those who have been baptized and now want to make a public affirmation of their faith. Reaffirmation is for those who want to draw closer to the Lord and want the church to be a bigger part of their lives. Reception is for those who have been confirmed in the Roman Catholic or Evangelical Lutheran traditions and want to establish a faith identity in the Episcopal Church.

Confirmands will meet twelve times from 11:30 – 1:00 (with breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays) starting October 8th and completing in mid-January with a retreat. The gatherings will include a time of both instruction and discussion, followed by lunch. The retreat (details to follow) will be a culmination of the Confirmation process and is required to become confirmed. This cycle of confirmation will have a strong sense of community.

Each confirmand will have a sponsor who presents them to the church, guides them in the process, and prays with and for them. While we want confirmands to participate in all twelve sessions, a minimum of ten is required to be confirmed. The idea is that you’ll attend church the morning of the session.

Weekly topics will include the sacramental nature of Confirmation, Bible Survey, Church History, Grace Church History, The Creed, the Book of Common Prayer and more. We will look at Christian basics as well as hard questions to better understand God and our Christian lives.

Will you join us?

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