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Connect, Connect, Connect!

By Rev. Caroline Osborne

Since schools have resumed, many of us may have to interact with others in-person more than we have in months. Even so, social distancing is keeping us from spending as much time with friends and family or even just in public places as we usually would. As both a priest and a counselor, I can tell you that God made us humans to be in regular contact with other humans. As social distancing drags on, it is now more important than ever that we make an effort to connect with others! Below are some ideas for how to do that during the pandemic:

Write It Forward – Have you ever heard of “paying it forward”? The idea is that when someone does something good for you, rather than returning the favor, you “pay it forward” – you do something good for three other people. What if we did that with letters? Write a letter, an email, or an encouraging note to a friend and challenge them to write to three other people.

Phone a Friend – Who have you not talked to in a while? Pick up the phone and give them a call!

Send a Postcard – Do you have any old postcards or cards sitting around the house that you never used? If you are anything like me, you pick up a few on a trip meaning to do something with them, but then you never get around to it. Now is your chance! Dust them off, fill them up, and mail them off!

Make a Connection Buddy – Find a friend who is feeling lonely and become connection buddies. All you have to do is talk at least once a week (anything less than that doesn’t count!). Ask how each other is doing, share memories, and catch up on life.

BYOS (Bring Your Own Snack) – When the weather starts to cool, get together with a neighbor or two on your driveway. Everyone brings their own chair and snacks for a little bit of friendly, socially-distanced visiting.

Join a Journey Group – Journey Groups won’t be stopped! In spite of the pandemic, Grace’s Journey Groups will be starting back up soon. If you want to join one, you still have a little time left to sign up! Reach out to Leslie Jones ( for more information or to register.

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