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EpiscoGators Outreach Ministry at Grace!

By Lynn Nobles

Hi, fellow Grace members! I want to encourage you to join us in an outreach project that I have recently had the opportunity to participate in within our community. We have been doing this ministry at Grace for many years, and I wanted to share my experience with you in this week’s edition of Grace to You.

With the new school year off to a fast start, we served our first dinner to the college students at the University of Florida's Episcopal University Center or Chapel House, this past week. Chapel House allows students to study, play games, socialize, and encourage each other in their faith. With the collective effort of several Grace members, Deacon Mary, Mary Baggs, Carman Smith, and myself, we served about 25 students nicknamed "Episcogators". Father Adam and the students are very appreciative, as some come to Gainesville from areas too far for them to get home weekly and home-cooked meals are a rarity. Often, they only eat food that is quickly warmed in the microwave. We are always sure to pack up leftovers and leave them for their Wednesday evening service.

Father Adam is excellent with the students and helps create a beautiful atmosphere for the

students to engage in the church community. While serving and eating dinner, we have meaningful conversations with the students about their career goals and backgrounds. We were amazed that three of the students were either already on the track to ministry or were being counseled in that direction. The student’s leadership is remarkable. We had a fantastic time!

Have you ever considered participating in an outreach program? Whether you have or not, I would like to invite you to join us for our next trip. Seeing God’s work in many different people and atmospheres is rewarding. We typically feed the "Episcogators” several times a semester. Our next visit will be on November 20th. If you want to help or join us as we travel to Gainesville, contact me, Lynn Nobles, at 352-895-5887 or We would love your help, and you can make a valuable contribution to the students’ spiritual development!

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