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Exciting News from International Justice Mission

By Deacon Mary Delancey

Grace Church has supported the work of International Justice Mission (IJM) for several years and, as you may know, I have been a Coordinator on the Central Florida Volunteer Team since just after the team was formed 5 years ago. These volunteer teams have worked to bring raise awareness of the evil of slavery and violence to the poor, and to help others understand that we can end slavery in our lifetime as we work to grow God’s Kingdom. Volunteer team efforts have fueled IJM’s mission by mobilizing churches, organizations and individuals in our communities to engage in policy change, catalyze prayer and generously give.

IJM has a proven method to fight modern day slavery and violence to the poor. Through partnership with the communities IJM serves around the world more and more people have been set free. More and more people live free because their governments now protect their citizens. IJM’s work is rescue but it is also about reform by supporting local governments with the training and organizational skills they need.

After 20 years of partnering with the government and community organizations in Chiang Mai, Thailand, IJM is no longer working there. They are not needed because the community have transformed how they protect their vulnerable members. After 25 years IJM is now able to pursue the truly ambitious dream of rescuing millions and protecting half a billion.

With this goal comes an opportunity for more people to join with IJM in the fight for freedom. Now instead of centralized teams with defined roles and projects to complete, teams will become local. This will make it easier for IJM Champions to work together, using their skills and creativity to carry out IJM’s mission. I have the honor of being the (very) new Area Leader for North Central Florida. Over the coming months I will be helping supporters engage in ways they feel called to serve. They will be free to use their gifts and skills in creative ways. There will be no commitment to serve a particular length of time and they may engage in the ways they chose.

In the next months you will be hearing about IJM letter writing campaigns and this year’s Race to Rescue, and will have the opportunity to be involved however you want to be. If you would like to learn more about the work of IJM and how you can be involved, I would love to talk with you. You can email me at Or you can visit the IJM Champions page to see how you can join the fight for freedom.

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