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Handing Down the faith Sunday & Blessing of the Backpacks

We are thrilled to announce a special event that will take place next Sunday, August 6th – the "Handing Down the Faith Service." This unique service aims to foster a deeper understanding of our cherished traditions and beliefs among the younger members of our congregation by having our knowledgeable adults actively engage with the children and address their questions about the church.

During this service, the children have inquired about various aspects of our worship while they were in WonderKids. They have asked questions such as, "Why is church on Sunday?", "What do the different colors on the altar mean?", and "Why do we read the gospel?" all welcomed and encouraged. By answering these questions in an interactive and approachable manner, we hope to deepen the connection between generations and strengthen the bonds of faith within our community.

We encourage all families to attend this exceptional service together, as it presents an excellent opportunity for parents and guardians to participate actively in the spiritual development of their children. Moreover, this service will foster a sense of belonging and understanding, promoting a seamless transmission of our cherished traditions from one generation to the next. We will also be continuing the tradition of "Blessing the Backpacks" during this service before the kids head back to school that next week.

Join us for the "Handing Down the Faith Service" on August 6th, and let us come together as a unified congregation to celebrate the beauty of our faith, our love for each other, and our commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of our youngest members. May this service be a joyous and insightful occasion for all, strengthening the foundations of our faith for years to come.

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