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How to Invite Others To Our Alpha Course

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

At Grace Episcopal Church, we have encouraged you to engage in the much-needed task of evangelism. As a way to help you in this task, we are preparing an Alpha Course for people who don’t call themselves Christians and have questions about God. Alpha is starting on April 12, and we encourage you to keep inviting them to this course!

When we started announcing the Alpha Course at Grace Episcopal Church, we have asked you to share with us how you would invite others to participate in the Alpha Course. Below you will find the collected wisdom from our congregation on how you can invite others to this potentially life changing course!

“This is a place where you ask the questions about God that you really want to ask, without embarrassment, because you will be with people who have probably been wanting to ask the same questions.” ~ Heather Hetzel

“I would say that we all have questions about God and Jesus, faith, Christianity and so much more. Father Frans, through the Alpha program, provides an online opportunity, that is a safe space to question, talk, learn, and explore what it means to have a relationship with God.”

~ Jaye Baillie

“As each person and situation is unique, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in how best to approach a person with an invitation. The use of technology can be a plus with some individuals who may be wary that a group of people may descend upon them at their home to ‘convert’ them. Assure them this is not the case yet come with an inquiring mind to seek answers for any questions they may have.”

~ Marcie Brown Bailey

“I would encourage colleagues and friends to consider the Alpha course to give the Alpha Group a chance. Several fellow nurses are having significant mental health struggles due to burnout during the pandemic, and I hope they might be receptive to a nonthreatening, supportive environment in which they can learn about God and his love.” ~ Catherine McCourt

“I would encourage anyone that has lost or questioned their faith, especially this past year, even if they have a strong belief in Christianity, to attend this course. At some point in everyone's life, we’ve faced challenges that might contribute to the source of lost faith. This Alpha course will address those concerns and give the chance to ask the hard questions in a totally safe environment."

~Sharyn Pliska

“I would tell them, "Faith in God is more than a decision, it is a journey. Faith is a process that is never complete. It involves asking questions and waiting for answers, then asking more questions and waiting for more answers. As people, we all have something inside of us -- call it what you will, the soul or the spirit, consciousness, or the mind -- but this part of us is something we all have, and which humans have had for as far back as records go. It is the part of us that craves meaning and purpose, and that seeks answers. You may find that the answers you are looking for are out there, waiting to make themselves known to you, and just waiting for you to ask the right question, at the right time, in the right place. That place could be an Alpha Course, where you may find yourself beginning the journey of faith. If you are curious about learning more, bring your doubts, bring your objections, and bring your questions, but most of all bring yourself, an open mind, and an open heart. You might be surprised at what awaits you."

~ Tim McCourt

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