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I Am Bored! Now What? Organize Your Closet! Part I

Phase 1: Preparation

When a closet is organized everything is easier to find. That means you will always know the location of your favorite sweater, your prized pair of jeans, and your go-to work button-down.

How you organize your closet will differ slightly based on the space you have, the size of your wardrobe, and the kind of life you lead. However, these five universal steps can be applied to any closet and any wardrobe.

What You Need in Order to Organize Your Closet

First, you need to ensure you have the right tools and supplies on hand before you dive in. Resist the urge to start this project after a long day of work. In order to really organize your closet for the long haul, you’ve got to do a little prep work and to commit to this process.

You'll Need:

Tape measure Full-length mirror Catch-all basket

Shopping bags

Additionally, have an idea of what you’re going to do with clothes to decide to get rid of ahead of time. You have three options: donate, consign, or trash. Try to donate and consign as much as possible, while trash is really only for the items that are beyond repair/use.

By: Rosemary Grooms

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