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Inside the Vision Alignment Meetings: Part 3

My education continues.

What I learned most from Sunday's Vision Alignment meeting was something that the rest of you probably already knew. Catie rocks!

Catie has a firm grasp on what is happening on line with Grace. The website is kept current and is well used. Catie knows just what we are clicking on and how often. If you hit that Chat button on the website – you're going to get Catie. Our website and Catie had a strong influence on bringing us Father Frans. Even before he applied for the Residency program, he visited our website, liked what he saw and chatted with Catie on line. Catie was at the beach when he hit the chat button. That didn't stop her from immediately connecting him to Father Jonathan. Thanks Catie!

Catie and Jonathan had a lot of fun telling us about their success on Facebook. 772 members of Grace have joined our Facebook page. Only about 200 members have joined the more personal/private Grace group page. If you are on Facebook, search for People of Grace Episcopal Church Ocala, FL and join. More than that, the advertising component of Facebook is impressive. I'm sure we have all been traveling somewhere when suddenly your Facebook feed is full of local references you've never seen before. Grace has taken advantage of that geotracking feature. It brought us many new people for Christmas services. My impression is that our advertising dollars are going to Facebook now instead of the newspaper. Facebook is able to show results that the newspaper can't. Another sign of the times.

Grace to You” has replaced the paper newsletter. As a former business owner, I am sure that we are saving money with that decision. Only 60% of us receiving the letter open it. While one would wish that 100% of us would open Grace to You, it's an excellent percentage. Sounds like Grace is doing something right (again).

Clearly members of the committee were impressed with the presentation. I don't see us on TikTok or Snapchat but maybe some loving messages on Twitter?

This group always comes back around to the question of Grace's future. Our church is healthy. To remain that way and grow, we have to look to the future. What are we going to do with our campus? What do we need? What does Ocala need?

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be." (Bill Shakespeare, Hamlet)

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