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Inside the Vision Alignment Meetings: Part 4

Money Money Money!!!


Show me the Money!

You missed an interesting meeting.

To date the 2022 budget is in the red by almost $4000.00. We still have time. That will change.

Most of the hour on Sunday was spent (pun intended) talking about the ins and outs of Grace’s money. No drama. We’re in good shape. This was just the final element the Vision Alignment committee needed to grasp. Still fascinating.

If you took the tour, you may have heard about our aging infrastructure. Several of our buildings may not be worth saving. We own some prime real estate. Should we sell a building or two?

I don’t think all this effort to educate the committee and through us the congregation is about raising money. There is a sincere desire among many people to simply improve our campus, to better utilize our assets. To be fiscally responsible. So, what are we to do?

That’s next. At the conclusion of the budget presentation, we broke into small groups to brainstorm. Those ideas were collected and I’m sure we will be chewing them up in the weeks ahead.

For me, I still need to know what Ocala needs. Is it housing? Art Studios? A new government office? Parking? Dog park? And does Ocala’s needs align with our needs? What would bring the most people to Grace Church?

I’m good at questions. It is answers that elude me.

Feel free to offer a suggestion.

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