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Inside the Vision Alignment Meetings: Part 5

By Meg Spurlock

Time was spent today in small groups examining our five assets. In no particular order they are:

Membership Campus Staff

Budget Social Media

In order to meet our needs, which assets need to change the most? Difficult question.

There are needs and then there are goals. Our stated goal has been to reach the dechurched. How do we use our assets to do that?

If we reach the dechurched, our other needs could be met. If our membership grew, the budget would grow. If we had more money we could hire more staff and fix infrastructure.

If we had more staff we could reach more people and the budget would grow.

If we improved our social media presence we could reach more people and the membership would grow and the budget would grow and we could hire more staff and fix the infrastructure. This is exhausting.

All of our assets are important. Maybe we will determine that we need to focus on just one but all require attention, all of the time.

Clearly, our buildings are old and need renovation or replacement. Luckily that doesn’t include the church or the parish hall. We are going to need money and a plan. The committee and some members of the congregation have come up with some great ideas. The vestry is considering hiring a professional engineering firm to guide us through the process.

Lots of neat ideas. The casino has been shot down and I can’t see a splash park. All ideas are being entertained. Ultimately we are going to find out what Ocala needs. Hopefully their desires will align with ours and something valuable will be created. I’m hoping they need a culinary school! Yum.

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