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Interfaith Emergency Services 2021 Board Leadership Award Goes Too......

Director Karla Greenway and the board of Interfaith Emergency Services presented the 2021 Board Leadership award to Craig Baggs this morning in recognition of his amazing contributions. In addition to serving on the IES board, Craig is also chair of the ‘Food 4 Kids’ program.

Thank you, Craig, for being an example of service in our community. 40 years ago Grace helped found and launch Interfaith Emergency Services and our connection remains strong.

"Christ has no body now on earth but yours.” ~ Teresa of Ávila

Interfaith Emergency Services has continued to serve the people of Marion County for over three decades, with a minimal group of workers and help from the community, IES is able to provide emergency assistance to individuals and families in crisis. If anyone would like to read more about Interfaith or any of their projects they have going on you can visit their website at:

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