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Journey Groups

Journey Groups at Grace are small groups of people who commit to meet together each week over the period of a year. The focus of the study is on our daily walk of faith, applying and sharing scripture in our hearts and lives, and ultimately becoming equipped for investing in the lives of others. A few years ago we asked a few members who are apart of our Journey Groups about their testimonies within their groups. Here are a few of them:

The most remarkable gift I have received while being in a Journey group is understanding relationship. First and foremost my relationship with my Savior has changed as I understand His Glory. Second, I have grown in trust and love with my Journey family. A perfect gift!

~ Marylin Corsiglia

My experience with The Journey group has given me a deeper understanding of God's will and my faith. It has exposed me to the thinking of others and has helped me to grow in maturity. The Journey Group has also given me strength and guidance in my personal journey. ~ Jeff Kirk

Journey Group has been a blessing in my life by helping me become spiritually mature and developing a intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. ~ Tonya Ashley

I have been a person of faith from a very young age. Growing up in a religious family it came naturally. Over the past 3 years I have had tremendous spiritual growth and have developed a deeper understanding of my faith. My LOL experience has renewed me in my faith and my relationship with God. ~ Michael Ashley

“I love the women in my Journey group. We have been walking through life together as we meet each week to study God’s word, share our joys and trials, pray for each other, and just enjoy spending time with each other. Each woman in my Journey group has become a treasured friend.” ~ Cheryl Arnold

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