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Love for the Osbornes

Reverend Caroline was our very first resident. When she came to Grace, she was single and not yet ordained. By the time she left to serve another church, she was married to Rev. Robert and pregnant of their firstborn, Verity. Many of us love her, and it was such a joy when she came to preach and celebrate on March 5th of this year. We rejoiced in her second pregnancy on that day, and did the same when baby Teddy was born. And then Teddy got sick. Very sick. We prayed, along with hundreds of others. But Teddy didn’t make it. He died in their arms a week ago.

By the time you read this, a few of our staff will be on there way to Nashville, TN to attend the funeral. We are glad that Deacon Mary, Rosemary Grooms, and Catie Hourigan are able to be there on behalf of us. They brought with them our cards and checks, and made sure that a beautiful bouquet of flowers was sent to the Osbornes’ home address. If you are wondering whether there is something you can do to help and support from afar, here are three things you can do;

  • Pray. Please pray for God’s tangible presence, and that the Osbornes will be able to grieve well.

  • Write a card. We are still collecting cards at the church office.

  • Donate to the Osbornes’ fundraiser. There is a GoFundMe page created for them. If you feel uncomfortable donating online, you can write a check to The Osbornes (not to the church) and send the check to our church office. We will send it to them, along with the cards.

Thank you.


Fr. Frans

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1 comentario

Kenneth G Arrington
Kenneth G Arrington
30 jun 2023

So very sad to lose a child. They are the joy of parenthood, and the future of this World. God is so wonderful, and caring to us all, and loves us unconditionally. He brings into the world a beautiful bundle of joy, and chooses the most amazing and deserving parents to rejoice and love this baby with all their hearts. Then as fast as he is delivered, our Lord decides to take this child to be by his side. There is no answer that can prepare parents , or words that can express the sadness that they feel. All we can do is show support, and our caring words, and be by their side. God is so wonderful, and he…

Me gusta
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