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Member Spotlight: Adam Pryor!

1-What is your ‘go to’ bible verse to get you through the day?

In January of 2020, I injured my back at a time when I finally felt in control of my life. I was becoming fit, I was happy, healthy, loved my jobs, and was looking forward to a great year ahead of me. Because of my back injury, I experienced intense, constant pain, coupled with the trauma of a world-wide pandemic and isolation. One of the verses that helped me to make it through this was Isaiah 30:41: “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.” This verse is still a constant reminder that I am not walking alone, and that hope was not lost on me.

2-Briefly tell us about a recent fun activity you and or your friends/family participated in.

Recently, I participated in an escape room with a small group of friends at The Ocala Escape. It is a great team-building activity and a genuinely fun time! If you haven’t attempted an escape room yet, I highly recommend it.

3-Do you have a favorite recipe or take-out meal recommendation you would like to share?

I meal prep a lot and typically end up eating the same things week to week, but recently a go-to staple of mine has been Bruschetta Chicken. Checkout this recipe: (Sometimes instead of cutting the chicken breasts in half, I like to create a small slit and stuff them with mozzarella cheese – absolutely delicious.)

4- At the start of the 2021 school year, Grace Church will be offering a new Children’s Ministry program, led by Grace’s very own member, Erin van Santen (Father Frans’s wife). While Erin is busy preparing, please share how a mentor, youth leader, or Sunday school teacher had an impact on you and why? Much of my youth was spent involved in youth ministry – it is where I met friends, found my faith, learned leadership skills, and grew my character. My youth minister in high school, Michele Nethery, pushed me to follow my heart and follow God by getting involved in Diocesan-wide youth leadership opportunities. In 2011, I attended Happening in the Diocese of Florida, with a firm push from Michele, and began my journey in ministry. From there, I involved myself in many similar opportunities that showed me that I had a heart for ministry and that I wanted to spend my life pursing it in some way. Without Michele’s mentorship, I am not sure that I would be at Grace, teaching at Trinity Catholic, or simply be the same person that I am. I cannot express enough the importance and the impact of having a strong spiritual youth minister in your life.

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