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Member Spotlight!: Cookie Zeuch

1-What is your ‘go to’ bible verse to get you through the day?

"No matter what my troubles are, it reminds me that I can always come to God with bended knee, and He will cover me with His magnificent protection, grace, love and he will ALWAYS find me."

~ Psalm 23

2-Briefly tell us about a recent fun activity* you and or your family participated in and why.

I feel it is very important to establish family traditions, and I had much fun creating a tradition for each of my eight grandchildren’s 12th birthday. They received the gift of a celebration “Day with Nana” at a place of their choice. Four of the eight chose a day at Discovery Cove and we swam with the dolphins. One chose astronaut “training” at the Kennedy Space Center. One chose the alligator experience with an airboat ride. One chose a day at Harry Potter’s world. One chose ice cream at Friendly’s and a shoe shopping experience. It was all great, and I had the most fun! One of grandchildren summed up their “Day with Nana” by saying, “Nana this was the best day ever and I think you are the smartest Nana, because you did this on our 12th Birthday, before we were older and bored!” Out of the mouth of babes.

3-Do you have a favorite recipe or take-out meal recommendation you would like to share?

Recent favorite: Fromaggio’s Calzone

Always favorite: Harrys Ahi tuna salad

Favorite coming soon: Culver’s Ice Cream (and I have experience)

4- At the start of the 2021 school year, Grace Church will be offering a new Children’s Ministry program, lead by our very own member, Erin van Saten (Father Frans’s wife). While Erin is busy preparing, she would love to hear how a mentor, youth leader, or Sunday school teacher made an impact on you and why?

My Sunday (Summer) bible school teacher had the most impact on me in my first “Big Kids Class”. Her name escapes me, yet it was in Troy, Ohio in the basement of the church.

She was a wonderful story teller. We did lots of creative arts and crafts/projects, and after we prayed we enjoyed GREAT SNACKS.(Also making this a memorable summer, I met my first boyfriend, Georgie, who was the preacher’s son. More on this later.)

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