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New Ministry: Grace Handymen Team

Exciting news! We will soon launch a new ministry – the Grace Handymen Team. This is a team of men from Grace Church who will work together to meet the needs of our own community and wider Ocala.

We have become aware that there are many people that could use help but are not able to afford it. At the same time, Grace Church has so many men with gifts in this area that we have chosen to unite them in this team. It is new way to “Go to love and serve the Lord” in a very tangible way.

How to Join Are you interested in joining this team, please call the office or email You do not have to be exceptionally gifted, you’ll learn as you go (for our married ladies; if you want your man to become more handy, then encourage him to sign up 😊).

Tools Do you have tools that you’d like to donate to this new ministry, please call the office or email

Financial support If you like what we’re going to do and feel compelled to financially support this new ministry, please write a check to Grace Episcopal Church with the notion of Handymen Team.

Finally, as you’re reading this, you may already have a project for us. Please give us a bit more time to get started. We’ll launch the ministry soon, and can’t wait to help you out.

Serving our Handy Divine Carpenter, Fr. Frans

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