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Pray the Siren

A Proposal By The Daughters of the King

The daughters are looking to initiate a church wide outreach program in support of our first responders. This program “PRAY THE SIREN” would be for everyone including our children to participate in local mission and evangelism in our community.

This initiative begins with asking the congregation to pray each time they hear a siren in support of any first responder and to those who they are responding too.

Placing this simple program online on our website and a handout in the bulletin as well as announcing this during services, individual groups, and to the children in their Children’s Church would help spread this church wide.

In addition, we will be contacting the agencies that use sirens to tell them that are being prayed for anytime they use their sirens. The hope is this will spread Christ’s love and know we are supporting their services. We plan to contact the agencies Chaplains, or Public Affairs officers, by letter or personal visit.

The prayer is: “ Dear Heavenly Father please protect those responding and those they are responding to. In Christ’s name Amen”

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