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Quarantine Projects

Last week, we invited Gracers to share how they have been keeping busy during pandemic. Below are a couple of the responses we received. Thank you everyone who shared their activities with us!


“I collected newspaper pictures of old Ocala/Marion County in a series that was called "The Way It Was". These pics were solicited from anyone by the Ocala Star Banner and printed every Sunday for a number of years. I don't know why I did it but I got into the habit of cutting them out every week and dropping them into a folder with the thought that "one day" I would put them into a binder. Well, the opportunity came when I had nothing to do one day and I was cleaning out my desk and came across them, I decided to sort them out and trim them up and put them in plastic sleeves and put them in a binder. There are 196 pictures. After I finished, I sat down and looked at them and read all of the captions and really learned a lot. Some places I remembered, but most I didn't.”

– Don Hooper


“We haven’t actually developed any new ways to occupy ourselves during the quarantine, but we’ve expanded on a few regular activities. Gardening time has increased. As long as we get outside around seven and back inside by ten, we can get a lot done before the heat gets too intense. Our yard looks really good.

“Church and church related activities haven’t suffered all that much. Church has always been a big part of our lives. But since Grace has provided church services via YouTube along with little communion kits, we’ve been quite pleased. What we’ve missed was the people we would see there. And David was missing the Men’s Bible Study group. But with three different Bible study groups online, we’ve experienced some wonderful interactive discussions with people we know well as well as people we didn’t know well before and now have as new friends. We are also enjoying the morning and evening prayers that the clergy have weekdays on YouTube. For me personally I have been more actively involved since age and physical difficulties have kept me from doing as much as I once did because of the many online opportunities offered now.”

– Janie Rubin

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