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Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking by Wearing Blue on January 11

By Deacon Mary Delancey

You can be a force in ending human trafficking. Although there are laws against slavery in almost every country in the world, the latest estimate of the number of enslaved people worldwide is almost 50 million, of which 28 million are being victimized by labor and sex trafficking.


Human trafficking generates about $150 billion a year—with two-thirds coming from commercial sexual exploitation. In India, entire families are enslaved in labor trafficking in brick kilns, rice mills, and garment factories working up to 20 hours a day. In the Dominican Republic, women and children are lured into sex trafficking with promises of school or a good-paying job. In the Philippines, children as young as two are sexually abused live for anyone in the world to watch through online sexual exploitation of children. Just last month a 14 year old girl from Ocala was groomed and exploited by a man she contacted on the internet.


National Human Trafficking Prevention Month is a time for everyone to come together to raise awareness of and help combat this heinous crime. January 11 marks National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, also known as #WearBlueDay. On this day, you can show your support of the work to end modern day slavery:


  • Wear blue, the international color of human trafficking awareness, to state your commitment to help save lives.

  • Post a photo of yourself, or with others, on social media using the hashtag #WearBlueDay.

  • Encourage others in your community to do the same.


Let’s all show the world that we are committed to God’s desire that all his children know freedom. We, his Church, have his power to end modern day slavery.

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