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Sip & Share 2024

By Jeanne Henningsen

You could hear the talking and laughter even before entering through the iconic red doors of the Parish House. There was excitement and fun in the air as people mingled, accepted a cup of wine from Rebecca and Joe, grabbed a plate of charcuterie from LaCasella Catering, and settled at a table.


Jeanne and Jim guided the full house of Gracers and new friends through a personal reflection of 2023 and then shifting to look forward to 2024 and what they wanted to BE this year. Everyone left with their chosen one word for the year on a card personally crafted by them. Some even left with a gift donated by our local businesses!


Participants shared comments on Sip & Share: “thought provoking and introspective opportunity,” “table groups were intimate, allowing for deeper conversations,” “delighted to see many friends from the community invited, mingling with Gracers, and sharing their life’s significant moments and how God worked them through it,” “we had a significant relational connection with all those at our table,” “Father Frans was remarkably kind and genuine, as were all my new 'friends' sitting around our table, sharing our stories and casting vision for 2024,” “there was authenticity - something real was happening and I felt at home.”


You are at home at Grace because you are with family, sharing, caring, and supporting each other through prayer and connection. Hold onto your word for the year, lean into God, and make it your reality this year.

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