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The Daughters of the King

By Patti Gilman

The Amy Harold Chapter of the Daughters of the King has been at Grace Church since 1954. We are part of an international order organized in 1885 in which each member pledges herself to a lifetime of prayer, service, and evangelism. The mission of the order is to spread Christ's kingdom and to strengthen the spiritual life of the parish.

Prayer is our centerpiece and we maintain a list, which is private, of those who need prayer. We also serve in the community and the church. We hold Quiet Days, serve on the prayer team, visit shut-ins, support two missionaries in Brazil, assist the priests as needed and supply dinner for the Interfaith Shelter bi-monthly. We also host a Bible Study open to all women of the congregation.

The emblem of the order is a silver Greek Fleury Cross. Engraved on the cross are the Latin words which translate as "with heart, mind, and spirit uphold and bear the cross." Initials at the base of the Cross remind us that all these works are done "For His Sake." You will see daughters wearing the cross as an acknowledgement of their pledge.

In the early 1900's Amy Harold was the president of The Women's Auxiliary at Grace for 18 years and was a legend thereafter within the church. She died in 1941. Although she was frail in health, records describe her glowingly as "a true Christian noted for her spirit of love and tolerance, courage, cheerfulness and zeal." The chapter was named in her honor. For 49 years women of Grace Church have continued to strive to live out all the teachings of Jesus by following a rule of life shaped by love. It is our joy to lift high the cross.

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