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The Handy Helpers Paint the Fence!

By Russ McCann

After many weeks of planning, the Handy Helper team finally initiated Fr Frans’ goal to paint the antique iron fence that surrounds our beautiful church. It has been in need of repair for quite some time and we were determined to fix that.

So in late October four members of the group got together to prep the fence by literally scraping the entire two hundred foot of fence and railings with wire brushes to eliminate the rust and other build up acquired over the years. God provided us with a cool sunny day for the project and once completed, Fr Frans was there with Jimmy John’s to replenish the group.

Two weeks later on November 4th the Handy Helpers, as well as a few more volunteers from Grace, gathered on yet another perfect day, to take on the project to spray paint the entire fence. With drop cloths brought to church that week along with the 72 cans of black enamel spray paint, another gallon of paint, brushes, rollers, masks (spray paint is not fun to breath) and a determined group, set out to get this done in one day.

By early afternoon we had accomplished our goal. The fence was painted as well as many of the team members. (spray paint travels too) The next day one member of the Handy Helpers who had worked on the prep day and could not make it for the painting stated at the 10am service “Why did I spend my time brushing the rust off the fence if you were going to put in a brand new one!”

It truly looks that good!

God bless all who joined this venture. We hope you too will join us for our next project.

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