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Trust and Fear

In the last few days, I have been afraid a lot. I’ve been afraid of making a misstep in this uncharted territory of pandemic. I’ve been afraid of taking things too seriously and feeding unhealthy panic, and I’ve been afraid of not taking things seriously enough and feeding careless attitudes that spread the illness. I’ve been afraid of not having enough food, and I’ve been afraid of being selfish in buying too much.

When I’ve watched the news and heard about reports from other countries, I’ve been even more afraid. I’ve been afraid of people getting sick and dying. I’ve been afraid of being in the position of the priests in Italy: unable to comfort those who mourn or bury their loved ones during quarantine. I’ve been afraid of people I love being among those dead waiting for funerals. I’ve been afraid… well, I’ve been afraid of a lot of things.

I wonder if you have felt any of what I have been feeling. I wonder if you feel the fear, if there are moments where it has threatened to overwhelm you. I wonder if you are afraid of the future and the unknown that lies ahead of us, like I am.

Yet even in the midst of my fear, I know I am called to trust God. “Do not be afraid” is the most common command in the Bible. But why? Why shouldn’t I be afraid when there is so much to fear?

Over the next few emails, I will be talking about reasons the Bible gives us to trust God instead of giving in to our fear.

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