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Tuesday Evening Bible Study

By Fr. Daniel Pinell

Grace Episcopal Church offers two Bible Studies through Zoom. Fr. Jonathan leads a Bible Study on Thursdays at noon, where he takes a book of the Bible and explores it from a bird’s-eye view perspective.

The second Bible Study is a bit different. In this Bible Study we choose a short passage from the lectionary (usually the Sunday gospel reading) and we delve deeply into it, exploring some of the words in the original language, different interpretations, socio-political contexts, and applications to these passages on our day to day lives.

In these Bible studies we at times explore difficult and perplexing passages. Many times difficult passages are obscured by the separation we have from the times and cultures they were written. By exploring the original languages and the context when they were written, we can find fascinating insights into an otherwise obscure passages.

If you are interested in registering for this Bible Study, please contact Catie Hourigan at We meet on Tuesdays evenings at 7:30 pm through Zoom.

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