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What Can We Do About Modern Day Slavery?

Because modern day slavery effects so many people, it can be overwhelming to think of what we as individuals can do to end it. But we are not acting as individuals. We are acting as the Body of Christ and we are joining God’s work in the world.

There are three powerful actions that we can take to join the fight to end slavery: prayer, advocacy and support. This Sunday, January 8, you will be able to learn more about each of these actions at the Red Sand Project on the Grace campus.

· Prayer – As we fill cracks in the pavement to acknowledge the people trapped in slavery who often fall through the cracks, we will pray for the rescue of victims, the continued healing of survivors, and a change of heart for perpetrators.

· Advocacy – Successful advocacy begins with being informed, to understand what it is, how to identify it and who is at risk. You can find some basic information in the “Grace to You” article from last week and we will have more information on Sunday as well.

· Support – There are opportunities to use your time and your skills to end slavery. And, yes, the fight costs money. We will have information about ways to volunteer or give financial support.

In addition to the event at Grace, the Marion County Human Trafficking Task Force in partnership with the Ocala Police Department and Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection is holding an education event on January 12. The most common means that traffickers use to prey on children involve social media, texts and other electronic interactions. If you have kids in your life you need to know how to protect them from on-line traffickers and other predators. There will be flyers at the Red Sand event and look for the event shared on the People of Grace Facebook page.

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